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Stephanie Gil

REACT Lab Members

Professor (PI): Stephanie Gil

Sushmita Bhattacharya (PhD candidate)

Weiying Wang (PhD candidate)

Ninad Jadhav (PhD candidate)

Matthew Cavorsi (PhD candidate, not pictured)

Mandar Kulkarni (M.S. candidate)

Sidharth Panicker (M.S. candidate)

Ezhil Bharathi (M.S. candidate)

Samruddhi Joshi (M.S. candidate)

Tharun Chintham (M.S. candidate)

Thomas Wheeler (Barrett Honors College B.S. candidate)

Paul Vohs (Barrett Honors College B.S. candidate)

Maxwell Flanagan (B.S. candidate)

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Join our team!  We are always looking for talented and motivated P.h.D., M.S., and B.S. researchers to join our team.  Please email with your CV and list of relevant projects (past and current)!